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Face Lift Surgery

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery offer facelift surgery to men and women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their face, due to sagging and loose skin.

Facelift Surgery

As ageing progresses, muscles can lose tone and therefore the skin can sag around the face. The skin loses its elasticity and lines / wrinkles develop.

The face consists of not just skin, but muscles and fat too and all three of these have an impact on the ageing process. A facelift aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by respositioning and tightening the skin and by reducing the sagging in the looser areas of the face.

The Procedure:

The facelift procedure can vary, due to the circumstances, but surgery can include the neck, jowls and cheeks. Muscles are trimmed and tightened. Fat is removed from fatty areas and can be evenly distributed. The skin is then pulled up and back to become more taught.

Your suitability for the procedure will be discussed with your surgeon, should you wish to book a consultation.

Facelift Surgery

Chin and Cheek Cosmetic Surgery

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